We were group of wild Irish guys who traveled to Germany to celebrate the stag party. I must admit it was amazing! Let's start with paintballing: it was great fun especially when we stopped shooting at each other and started firing at the groom (sorry Miki :)))) ) Then we went to have lunch in very friendly and nice "Guten Apetit" restaurant. If we had known how big portions of meat were served on Beerhall Meal & Beers dinner we wouldn't have eaten that much for lunch! We kicked off our first party evening with pub crawl what we later considered to be a great choice because all pubs were fully crowded after the midnight and you hardly found a free table. When it came to strip club tour ....well, guys went completely crazy and enjoyed it to the fullest! The next day - Hot rod tour: amazing!!! U-boat inspection in the afternoon and very relaxing boat cruise. During the night we experienced more of the local night life, we visited many clubs and had a great fun. I am sure I'm speaking for all of us when I say we were really upset that we had to leave! It was an unforgettable celebration, Danke schon Hamburg!

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