Thanks very much. All in all I would certainly book again. Here are the details: accommodation - basic but adequate. In between lots of strip bars and looks poor on arrival but was clean and ok. Nothing beyond the basic though. activities - Beach bar crawl was good, although not suited to particularly large groups I don't think because you get told to be quiet if noise goes above certain level. People should know this is a mellow bar crawl and not what Brits think a bar crawl usually is. Waterskiing was great but again, less people would make this better as you all have to queue and wait for each other. -guides - Beach bar crawl guide was great. Friendly and flexible and gave guidance wherever needed but did not impose on the group. -transfers - on time both ways -reservation handling - good. Would have preferred the final information a little sooner to give comfort but every email always answered completely and promptly. -party suitability of the location - very much a party location. Perfect to come home after a big night and crash.

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