Paintball is an extreme team game and active entertainment for any company. It is also an exciting sport with its own rules, tactical combinations and tournaments.

The game of paintball is simple, understandable and does not require any special training - everyone can participate on equal terms.

In the hands of each player is an air rifle that shoots paintballs. With a successful shot and hitting the enemy, the shell of the ball splits, and traces of paint remain on the player. So you can paint the faces of your friends with impunity.

We will take care of comfortable equipment and protection, let beginners become real fighters, and create a bright realistic atmosphere for complete immersion in the game. Moreover, this activity is available year-round as we have both outdoor and indoor options. Nothing will ruin your party!

This is an ideal option for a male team to please their inner soldier (or child). Real excitement, heady taste of victory and unforgettable impressions await you during real paintball battles.

So, paintball is a team game that allows you not only to have fun and try something new, but also to compete with your lads. Join it without hesitation!

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