Entry to 3 funky bars
Entry to a hot night club
Female guide
Welcome beer
Entry to a strip club
Duration of the event

5 hours

In which season is event available

All year long

Place where event takes place

City center

Grab some German beer and knock back a couple of shots.

When you start feeling heat, it is time to make it hotter! A comfy couch in top-class strip club is prepared for your stag group and stunning dancers are eager to show you their curves. They will swing their sexy hips around the pole so seductively that you wont ever doubt where the hottest girls are.

After they put all their clothes off and you uncontrollably slaver over their well-shaped bodies, it is time to move on to the smashing night club! Dont feel sad about leaving sexy strippers behind, night clubs in Hamburg are crowded with luscious young girls!

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