Our company aims to provide you with complete service during your Stag weekend. That's why we offer you safe and comfortable ways to travel between your activities or get to your accommodation.

We hire professional drivers that have great knowledge of the local streets and will make sure you get exactly where you need to be on time. There are also a variety of vehicles according to the size of your party.

But this isn't just a boring transfer like any other. We strive to make every aspect of your Stag as entertaining as possible and this applies to the time you spend travelling with us as well.

The limousines are equipped with top-quality light and sound systems to create the perfect environment for a private party. Add an onboard minibar to that and you already know it's going to be a wild ride.

Transfers can be arranged from the airport to your accommodation or the other way around to make for a great and smoothless entry or exit to your special weekend.

Or we can take you for a spin around the streets of the city so you get to explore some of the best local sights. No matter where you are going we will take care of it so you can simply sit back and relax with your mates.

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