All equipment
Playfield reservation
Maximum, minimum or recommended number of persons
Group size

Min. 6 people

Duration of the event

1-2 hours

Safety rules
Safety rules

Safety instruction before the activity

Place where event takes place

City centre

In this arena, you and your friends will completely immerse yourself in the game and feel like the heroes of a cool sci-fi movie during this sports team game in which the enemy must be hit with a laser gun.

Events unfolding on the battlefield are similar to Star Trek operations, but the game of laser tag itself is not more dangerous than video game.

Desperate battles with the most modern weapons are the dream of any real man. Therefore, what kind of entertainment would match your stag party more?

It is always interesting to fight with mates and find out the winner. And bright fluorescent colors will help you feel this surrealistic war atmosphere.

The central location and game equipment are provided too, so nothing will stop you from making all your adventure dreams come true.

This is an exciting game that requires dexterity and ingenuity, which adult blokes also play with pleasure.

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