Entry and explore the most known Hamburg stadium

Football Stadium Tour

90 minutes guided tour
You'll visit: VIP areas, changing rooms, the underground warm-up training hall and the playing field
Your guide will tell you all about the history and architecture of the stadium.

The city of Hamburg has a lot to offer its visitors. We have put together those activities that we believe could be combined for an exciting and memorable Stag-Do. Now it is your time to choose your favorites.

A Stag weekend is the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and try something you have never done before. Whether that will be high up in the trees or on the water surface we guarantee that you will have a blast.

Or if you are looking for something more relaxed then you and your mates can enjoy a carefree trip to the sauna. Some great bonding time can also be spent over a game of bowling or five-a-side football.

If you want to not only party but also explore the city then there is the sightbeering tour or U-boat inspection waiting just for you. Discover the gems that this German city is hiding.

Germany is not only the home of beer but also a country big on football. So why not check out the local stadium or maybe even a match of the Hamburg team and experience the unique atmosphere.

Each Stag-Do is different and it is completely up to you and the desires of your party what yours will look like. It's time to consult, choose the activities and put together your special weekend!

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