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Hamburg is a modern German city with crazy nightlife where people party round the clock and its enormous choice of venues from rock bars to luxurious clubs makes it worth a visit for everyone.

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Hamburg City Guide

Hamburg by night is a city for stag groups

Hamburg is Germany's second largest city and although it is known as a major port city it has a lot more to offer its visitors.

From historical buildings and UNESCO World Heritage Sites to crazy exciting activities to entertain your Stag.

Check out one of our many unique tours of the city for a fun way to explore the city.
Or opt for one of the Stag classics such as shooting or vehicle vandalising.

Hamburg has an oceanic climate but with greater extremes than are typical.
This means in the summer you can look forward to temperatures around 20°C while in winter the temperatures remain around 0°C.

With just under 2 million people living in the city and more than 5 million in the metropolitan region you can definitely look forward to a wild experience.


Hamburg Nightlife

Hamburg Nightlife

Some claim that Hamburg's nightlife is the best in all of Europe and we must say we haven't hit on better elsewhere.

One thing is for sure, the city's lively streets will leave you with unforgettable experiences.

Outside, underground, on the water - anywhere is a perfect place to party in Hamburg and you are sure to find a venue that suits the needs of your group.

Try checking out the red-light and party district of St. Pauli where most of the nightlife is concentrated.

Especially popular is the Reeperbahn. This one kilometer street is filled with bars, nightclubs, theaters and burlesque shows.

Also worth checking out is Herbertstrasse which is a street that exclusively adult men can enter and the only street in the city with prostitutes in "windows".

Hamburg Practical Tips

Hamburg Practical Tips for Stag Parties

With 31 direct flights to Hamburg from London and several more from cities all across the UK getting to this city for your Stag will be a piece of cake.
The flight takes only about an hour and a half.

During your visit don't forget to taste Germany's world-renowned beers. There are plenty of local options to choose from.

We suggest you try some well-liked brands such as Ratsherrn, Bergedorfer or Elbpaul.

If you are looking for something even more specific to the Hamburg region then you should definitely check out Helbing Kummel. This brand of spirits is brewed right in the city!

The official language of the country is German and the local currency is Euro.

Some useful words you might need include:
- "Hallo" = hi
- "Tschüss" = goodbye
- "Bitte" = please
- "Danke" = thank you
- "Ein Bier bitte" = One beer please
- "Ich spreche kein Deutsch" = I don't speak German


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